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Collective Dental is your team…

Collective Dental is a unique community supporting and strengthening dental practices, clinicians, owners and staff.

We are a collective of top dental practices – a diverse and experienced community designed and managed by practising dentists.

About The Collective

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How we help you and your practice

With our many years of experience working with Dental Practices, and our unique pool of knowledge from the Collective, we can assist you with whatever challenges and goals you have with your Practice.

Working One to One

Whatever your needs and goals, we will work with you, providing the training, coaching, consulting, management information and resources to tackle them. Together, using our best practice guide, we identify which aspects of your business need support, and we provide that support. We will work with any and all members of your team to assist you in addressing your needs and achieving your goals.


For those who share our ethos and would like a community of support, joining the Collective whānau provides access to a wealth of information and support from dozens of experienced owners, clinicians and managers. Members benefit from the sharing and collaboration between the practices. We support every aspect of your business as you work on your best practice goals and challenges – alongside and with the shared knowledge and support of the community. Membership also provides options for succession, selling, buying and investing. 

However you choose to engage with us, our unique model leverages the experience of all of our members to accelerate your learning and development.

Join our Whānau

We aspire to provide the best dental care. We are committed to helping each other achieve this aspiration. We do this by sharing knowledge and resources and by mentoring, supporting, innovating and inspiring one another to improve.