The Collective

Designed for dentists – by dentists.

Collective Dental is a unique and effective model supporting and strengthening dental practices, owners and staff.

We are a collective of top dental practices – a diverse and experienced community designed and managed by practising dentists.

About the collective

Our Services

What we do

The Collective has been designed by practising dentists. They have hand-picked excellent practices and clinicians to form the Collective community and together they have created our mission and goals.

The community is the heart of the Collective. He ora te whakapiri – there is strength in unity. Dentistry and owning a dental practice can be lonely, but not in the Collective.

In our community we find that a problem you may have is a problem that one of us has overcome; a difficult situation you may be encountering is one that one of us has been through; and a goal that you may set will be a goal that one of us has achieved.

The practices and dentists that are part of the Collective whānau have full access to all of the Collective’s services; sharing and collaborating between owners, clinicians, PMs, DAs and FOH. We support every aspect of their business as they work on their best practice goals and challenges – alongside and with the shared knowledge and support of the community.

The Collective also provides options for whānau for succession, selling, buying and investing.

Collective Dental Consulting

Consultancy & Best Practice

All businesses have the same challenges – delivering a product or service, finding and satisfying customers, recruiting and managing staff, being well managed and profitable.

There are a handful of fundamentals at the heart of good business – what we call Best Practice. Best Practice might look different at your business compared with another, but the underlying principles are relevant to and important for all practices.

Our Best Practice covers all the fundamentals, adapted from dealing with hundreds of dental practices and clinicians, and is flexible to each practice, leadership style and team.

Our consulting is founded in Best Practice, but responds to any of your needs.


We learn more and more quickly when we hear the experiences of others. Particularly when those others are in or have been in similar circumstances to ourselves. Every message and lesson can be enhanced through the input of others sharing their experiences and perspectives – both the good and bad, successful and unsuccessful.

This is collaboration – all our members have vital experience and knowledge that they share, allowing everyone to leap ahead, avoiding common pitfalls and picking from the array of variations tried and tested by other members.

We are an ongoing, live experiment in business improvement.

Collective Dental Training & Consultation

Training & Coaching

Different people absorb information and learn in different ways; our training approach acknowledges this and accommodates our clients’ time and availability.

We know that training is only a first step towards achieving, with the implementation being the crucial part. That is often where things fall down. Coaching keeps you on target and assists with implementation, using our box of tools and tips when the implementation requires adjustment.

Coaching sessions are driven by you and empower you to implement positive behavioural change in your business and personally.

Resources & Support

Sometimes we just need things – a template, a form, a tip, a trick, a contact, a number, some data, a forecast, a letter, a contract, a technique, a plan, an agenda, a video, a list, a cash flow, some analysis, a protocol, something you can’t put your finger on. The Collective has a wealth of these resources and tools, and is constantly developing more.

We love management information that can enhance performance, benchmark, show trends, and support growth.

Join our Whānau

We aspire to provide the best dental care. We are committed to helping each other achieve this aspiration. We do this by sharing knowledge and resources and by mentoring, supporting, innovating and inspiring one another to improve.